45 Day Yoga Cleanse Detox FAQ

45 Day Yoga Cleanse Detox FAQ

Below some of the most asked questions regarding the 45 Day Cleanse


1: How is the program offered:

We will be sending you all the material by email and via the special 45 Day Cleanse Website. Of course the documents contain every last detail. All you will need to do is follow the instructions and suggestion we will give you. We will also stand by you and guide you every step of the way. You will also receive support via email or phone where needed.

… but … you have to do the cooking yourself in your own Kitchen!!!


2. How much does the 45 Day Cleanse cost?

The cost of the challenge is EUR 45, which includes six weeks of detailed wellness information, customizable meal plans, more than 50 recipes, weekly bodyweight and yoga workouts, weekly breathwork and guided meditations, a downloadable food tracker and journal, plus access to both coaches via a private Facebook group.

We also offer 45 Days of unlimited yoga at the Brussels Yoga Loft in combination with the 45 Day Cleanse program to help you make the most of the experience.

– EUR 45 (only 1 euro per day) for the Cleanse 45! healthy eating food, recipe and shopping list program

– EUR 90 (only 2 euros per day) for unlimited Yoga classes at the Brussels Yoga Loft for the duration of the 45 day Cleanse – only in combination with the Healthy Eating program

– EUR 15 (instead of the regular 40 euro) for the yoga materials – only in combination with the Healthy Eating program
Please note: Due to the volume and value of the downloadable materials available from the onset of the course, we cannot offer refunds once you have started your 45 Day Cleanse journey.


3. When does the Cleanse begin?

The challenge begins on 8 January 2018. Your either have access to all documents via email or be you can access them directly on our special 45 Day Cleanse website.


4. When do the 45 Days of Unlimited Yoga Start?

The unlimited yoga is only for the period of the 45 Days directly following the start of the 45 Day Cleanse. It is our contribution to helping you get super healthy, cleansed and relaxed !!

5. How can I pay for the course?

You can purchase the course by transferring the correct amount to the below bank account:

The Loft Group
Place du Tomberg 18
B-1200 Belgium
Bank Account: BE60 734-0312304‐70

You can determine the amount to pay based on your selected options 1, 2 & 3.

EUR 45 for the 45 Day Cleanse. EUR 90 for the unlimited Yoga and EUR 15 for the Yoga Materials.


6. What if I cannot keep up with the weekly assignments?

No problem! Challenge participants work at their own pace. Each week a new set of information, exercises and more is released. You are also able to switch back and forth between the current week and anything that has been released to date. Once the challenge is over, you continue to have access to the materials and downloads. Your materials do not expire!


7. What kind of food will I be eating while taking the 45 Day Cleanse challenge?

The 45 Day Cleanse Challenge is a reboot for your system. Our goal is to offer a nourishing, whole foods-based meal plan which strips out processed foods and artificial flavors, in addition to gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol, so you can get in touch with how your body feels at its natural baseline. The plan is not 100% vegetarian, it is comprised of roughly 60% plant-based recipes. Above all,  animal based products can easily be replaced with vegetarian or vegan alternatives.


Send an email to info@theyogaloft.be for any other questions not mentioned here.