Keira Coleman
I attended classes at the Yoga Loft several years ago when it was first starting out. At the time it was just a teeny tiny studio on the top floor or Marc and Barbaras house. Despite its size, it had the biggest heart and the warmest most welcoming people within it’s 4 small walls. I thought it was just perfect! and I’m fairly certain that it still is. I look forward to the day I get to return. 🙂

Charlotte Doherty
Love it here! The Teachers are so friendly and always feel amazing afternoon a lesson, Marta in particularis a great teacher and highly recommend her Vinyasa class on a Monday.

Maciej Tomaszewski
I have been attending the classes at the Yoga Loft for over a year and I can really recommend this place. Great atmosphere and very committed instructors!

Nina Schrank
I had my first yoga class at The Yoga Loft a few weeks ago and loved it! The instructor was so patient with me and offered alternatives if I couldn’t do the more advanced poses! I am looking forward to going back!

Solvene Karen Renoult
I did my Yoga Teacher Training at the YogaLoft ; I really had a wonderful experience, learnt and improved my practice even further, while also meeting extraordinary people. Thanks again!