Mindfulness at the Brussels Yoga Loft

In cooperation with the Brussels Mindfulness Institute we are proud to offer regular Mindfulness at the Brussels Yoga Loft studio.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means being in the moment, purposefully and nonjudgmentally. It is a highly practical approach to improve the quality of your life. In recent decades it has above all been extensively researched and many positive effects on mental and physical health have been found.

Is Mindfulness something for you?

If you want to experience less stress, find more mental space as well as lead a happier and more fulfilled life, practising mindfulness can be the answer.
Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of the following scenarios. You:

– are suffering from stress and you are afraid of having a burn-out,
– have difficulties relaxing and sleeping and you often feel tired,
– are finding it hard to focus at work,
– are struggling with worries and difficult emotions such as anxiety, anger or sadness,
– feel you could achieve so much more in life.

A mindfulness course or workshop will offer you techniques to deal with the difficulties of everyday life in a more helpful way, as well as a set of practical stress-management tools. Through mindfulness you will moreover learn how to:

• efficiently handle day-to-day stress.
• deal with pressing thoughts and worries.
• appreciate and enjoy life again.

Upcoming Dates

To allow you to experience what mindfulness is, we are organizing a free workshop as well as an 8-week course.

8-week course (all classes take place at the Brussels Yoga Loft). Send an email to info@theyogaloft.be for more information and upcoming dates.

For busy people: if you can’t attend a particular date you can switch freely to mindfulness classes that are given simultaneously in Woluwe near Montgomery on Tuesday night and on Saturday morning.

Early bird rate for the 8 week course: €397 (includes book, manual and audio recordings). To register please go to www.brusselsmindfulness.be and register online. For questions please click here. Or you can find more information about Mindfulness here.

What others say
“The workshop gave me much more than I expected. I came to find calmness, a relief from stress as well as peace of mind. The workshop gave me a way to find that and more: tools to deal with the unexpected stress, to be present and focused in the moment, to be true to myself […] Jeroen is a fantastic teacher!

About your teacher
Jeroen is a certified mindfulness and yoga teacher. He is also the co-founder of the Brussels Mindfulness Institute and a father of three.