Reiki Sessions

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Reiki Sessions at the Brussels Yoga Loft

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki means in Japanese “Spiritual Energy”. In its dimension of care, it can be defined as a holistic method of energy care that is part of a process of personal development and wellness. It is a holistic approach without diagnosis or interpretation. It aims at restoring the balance of the whole being, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The practitioner channels and transmits this universal “Reiki” energy to connect with the healing source that each carries within it and thereby activate natural healing processes.

During a treatment, the energy flow re-aligns with the body. The latter is as washed, freed from its impurities and obstructions. The treatment strengthens the energy flow inside the body. The session will calm you, energise you, accelerate your healing, help you find direction, release old emotional wounds and disease, and help you feel more balanced or grounded.

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Reiki Sessions 2 at the Brussels Yoga Loft

A typical Reiki Session

A session is about 60 minutes long.

It will begin with a short presentation to describe the session then will let you the opportunity to discuss any problems or any intentions you want to focus on. During the session, you will be very comfortable on the massage table and you keep your clothes on the entire time. (Loose, comfortable clothing suggested).

The therapist can apply a light touch or hands-off approach during the session.

During the session, Maite will do specific standard hand positions, beginning to the person’s head. You might feel a warming or tingling sensation during the session.

It will be relaxing and invigorating !

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Maite Reiki master at the Brussels Yoga Loft

About Maite

I’ve always believed that we were more than just a body. That we had a life energy flowing through all living things.
I discovered Reiki after several years of yoga. As a medical student, yoga and Reiki Sessions helped me to have a more natural and holistic approach to health. A wellness approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit and not only focusing on the physical body.

Reiki is a powerful healing method that will help you to balance, reconnect with yourself and will also support you in your physical health.

I would like to thank my Master, Dominique Barea, for bringing Reiki into my life and I hope to soon bring it into your life as well in one of your next Reiki Sessions.

Be inspired by the experience of others:

I don’t know much about Reiki but was always curious about what it would be like to have a Reiki session, so when I saw your mail I immediately decided to give it a go. Maite is very warm and welcoming and she has this positive glow that is immensely reassuring ?

During the session a lot of powerful emotions came up, and normally I would have been embarrassed to start crying but here it felt almost natural and like no big deal. Later we discussed a bit about the experience and Maite made quite a few eye-opening comments which were very true, and one very startling observation she could not possibly have deducted from our initial conversation. After the session I felt relaxed, relieved and curiously light and positive. Actually, my back and neck problems are also better, so thank you Maite – I will surely come back! Nathalie, October 2017

The 2 hour Reiki – Yin Workshop was Really amazing! Especially Maite is Great. She explained everything pretty well and she did a Great job. I cant remember the last Time I was that Kind of relaxed and satisfied:) The 2 Hours were running like nothing.I hope you go on with this as I would join the next time as well. 🙂 Tati. October 2017

Really love the place 🙂 nice and conveniently close to my home and I love the nice fit yin yoga / reiki. Since coming to the Reiki session, I experienced a lot of new openess I had not felt before and it made me want to deepen my contact with reiki as a direct support to help during a time of my life that is made of many radical changes. I would recommend this to anyone. The only risk you might undergo is addiction :-). Anne-Sophie, November 2017