Yoga Teachers Brussels Yoga Loft

Barbara Roll

The Brussels Yoga Loft is and will always continue to be a “small” studio. And that is exactly how founder Barbara Roll and the Yoga Teachers Brussels Yoga Loft like it. When starting the studio, Barbara wanted to ensure that all students become and stay as passionate about Yoga as she is. Being small allows teachers to know your name, to know your practice, your injuries, your challenges, and it allows teachers time to give you personal attention during the classes and help you improve or modify your practice … This is Barbara’s commitment to your Yoga Journey.

Eva Gettvertova

Curious control over the life (as Tao says)- that is what yoga gives her. It is a tool to know herself and love herself more. It gives her the space to observe and explore, reminds her that however philosophical and far it might sound- there is only the present moment so she tries to get the most of it. Eva has a 200 RYT Ashtanga TT certification from the Yoga loft, STRALA Intense certification (with amazing Tara Stiles), has attended workshops with the well known experienced Yogis such as Manju Jois and Damien de Bastier and has practiced with many other wonderful Yogis from all around the world especially fantastic friends and teachers from the Loft. She feels blessed having a chance to get to know the world and yoga gives her the real powerful kick and energy to continue learning every day and to share it with all the lovely people who come to practice to the classes with her. She loves being a Teacher at the Brussels Yoga Loft.

Sofie Indesteege

Sofie started practicing yoga in the States with Tania Rice (Nashville, TN). In 2013, she moved to Brussels and continued her practice at the Yoga Loft. There, she obtained her Ashtanga Teacher Training Certificate (200h). After teaching Ashtanga Yoga, she signed up for Pregnancy & Prenatal Yoga at TriYoga in London. Now, she gives Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Pregnancy yoga classes. Sofie believes it is important to embody all aspects of yoga: the poses (asana), breathing (pranayama) and focus (drishti). By doing so, she invites her students to connect to their bodies, mind and soul. Sofie says, “be gentle with your body. In yoga, we try to understand its message, speak its language and take care of it. If you learn how to take good care of your body, you learn how to be gentle with yourself, others and the environment”. She is too excited about being a Teacher at the Brussels Yoga Loft

Marc Pouw

Marc Pouw is the co-owner of the Yoga Loft Brussels and is a member of the vast and renowned “Its Yoga Community”, which was founded by Larry Schultz. His wife introduced him to yoga as a challenge. He trained with Larry from 2007 to 2011 and has immense experience in teaching Ashtanga. Above all, he is an “Experienced Yoga Alliance Certified” (ERYT) teacher with more than 8500 hours of teaching in the Yoga Loft and other studios around the world. He has taught several 200 hour Teacher Trainings, lead countless retreats, workshops, master classes in different types of yoga classes (Ashtanga, yin, acro, couples, kids and prenatal). Marc is an excellent yoga practitioner with more than ten years as an Ashtanga yogi. He is the proud co-founder and Yoga Teacher at the brussels Yoga Loft.

Jeroen Janss

Jeroen followed the first teacher training with Marc and Barbara at the Yoga Loft in 2012 (RYT200). He then developed a “Gentle Flow” series, building on his mindfulness meditation practice where awareness of body and breath is central. Jeroen is the co-founder of the Brussels Mindfulness Institute and has trained with yoga and mindfulness trainers around the world, including Mark Williams, Pedro Franco and Janice Marturano. He believes yoga provides a breathing space – a time to have a deeper and more meaningful connection with yourself and others. Jeroen is Dutch and lives with his Romanian wife and three boys in Brussels. He is excited to be one of the few male Yoga Teachers at the Brussels Yoga Loft.

Sinziana Carstocea

Sinziana first experienced yoga in 2008 and she accomplished the Teacher Training at the Yoga Loft in 2014. She also explored Yin Yoga and Acro Yoga, which she thinks complement and enhance her Ashtanga practice, but she feels most at home in the vinyasa flow practice. Sinziana is committed to her journey with yoga and regularly takes part in courses with inspirational mentors and teachers, and she finds in each and every class and encounters an opportunity to learn and discover the richness of the practice, the human body and the wondrous ways of the mind. She believes that yoga invigorates, strengthens and liberates, and she is forever under the spell of the amazing healing and solace the practice brings.

Kiriko Kawakami

After moving several times around Africa and Europe and dedicating her life to her stressful work, she needed to re-center and find peace and clarity in her mind. Therefore, Kiriko decided to start practicing Yoga. Not only did it greatly improve her physical condition but most importantly, yoga helped her transform her way of thinking, allowing her to face her innermost self. Kiriko is now a dedicated yoga practitioner. She loves to share her experiences and to continuously broaden her knowledge within the yoga community. She also particularly enjoys the experience of heat and shared energy during group practices. After completing a teacher training (RYT-200) in 2015, she started teaching classes. She loves to bring fun but also challenges in each of them.

Yvonne McGrory

Yvonne discovered yoga in Ireland and tried several styles of yoga before completing the 200hr teacher training at the Yoga Loft in 2014. She teaches MPS, and a Gentle Flow class that is designed to relax the body and settle the mind to enhance balance and awareness. “In this hectic world, it’s important to slow down and reconnect with what we’re feeling. I love seeing the relaxed zen faces of the students at the end of class.”

What drives her yoga journey? “It’s a never ending quest for deeper knowledge, understanding, and experience that I can bring to my classes both as a student as a teacher.”

Marta Chudzikiewicz

With 200h Teacher Training and 50h Vinyasa Teacher Training, Poland native Marta’s true loves lies in Vinyasa yoga. She also teaches MPS and FPS at the Yoga Loft. She has participated in workshops on Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda yoga, Kerala, and Ashtanga Yoga. She practices regularly in Thailand with Kirsten and Mitchell and with Damien de Bastier. Marta thinks of yoga as a super special treat in which invokes strength, focus, calmness and happiness, on and off the mat. Yoga has taught her patience, devotion and faith, and importantly, fun! “As our Guruji said- practice, practice, practice and all is coming.”

Lindell Nuyttens

Lindell’s first contact with yoga dates back to when she was a kid, through her parents and uncle who practiced yoga. She have a classical dance background and came to yoga as a means to find my own space and peace. After years of practice, including a disciplined home practice, she decided to enroll for a 200hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and completed a 30hrs Yin Yoga Training directly following. Now she am spreading my yoga love through teaching.

Linda Chong

Linda came across yoga several times in life but fell in love with it when she moved to India in 2012 and started practicing Iyengar yoga. Love brought her to Bruxelles and here is where my daughter was born.

During her pregnancy she realized how important is to live those nine months in a serene way and how precious a good preparation for birth is. She also understood how the months after the baby is born are delicate and important, and so she decided to follow a training to become a Perinatal and Postnatal yoga teacher. She is now a teacher in training with Birth light and she loves working with women in this special phase of their lives!”

Tanya Popova

With a background in hatha and Iyengar yoga, Tanya became certified in ashtanga through the Yoga Loft’s certified teacher training program. During her recent pregnancy she also discovered kundalini yoga. She loves the self-acceptance yoga has instilled in her and can now live with compassion and awareness. Tanya says, “every class is a chance to live a new experience, whether it’s a room full of yogis you know or a just a couple beginners, it is a delicious experience to be savored with the knowledge of the yoga tradition in mind, but always combined with the awareness of the people you’re within the here and now.

Despina Christadoni

Despina completed her Children’s Yoga Teacher training in 2013. It had a profound and therapeutic effect that understanding, respecting and educating children is the ultimate act of caring about our society and its future. Since then, Despina is committed to sharing yoga classes with children. In her classes children breathe, move, stay, jump, play, gather around in circles and relax.