Yoga Teachers Brussels Yoga Loft

Find out more about your favourite Yoga Teachers Brussels Yoga Loft. They are all equally dedicated to providing every student with an amazing yoga experience. They guide with kindness and understanding, watchful of alignment, breathing and bandhas. YOGA truly is for everyone and we look forward to seeing you all in class.

Find out more about your favourite Yoga Teachers Brussels Yoga Loft. They are all equally dedicated to providing every student with an amazing yoga experience. They guide with kindness and understanding, watchful of alignment, breathing and bandhas. YOGA truly is for everyone and we look forward to seeing you all in class.

Barbara Roll

The Brussels Yoga Loft is and will always continue to be a “small” studio. And that is exactly how founder Barbara Roll and the Yoga Teachers Brussels Yoga Loft like it. When starting the studio, Barbara wanted to ensure that all students become and stay as passionate about Yoga as she is. Being small allows teachers to know your name, to know your practice, your injuries, your challenges, and it allows teachers time to give you personal attention during the classes and help you improve or modify your practice … This is Barbara’s commitment to your Yoga Journey. And all the Yoga Teachers Brussels Yoga Loft also fully believe and live this.

Eva Gettvertova

Curious control over the life (as Tao says)- that is what yoga gives her. It is a tool to know herself and love herself more. Yoga gives her the space to observe and explore. It also reminds her that however philosophical and far it might sound – there is only the present moment so she tries to get the most of it. Eva has a 200 RYT Ashtanga TT certification from the Brussels Yoga loft, STRALA Intense certification (with amazing Tara Stiles), has attended workshops with Manju Jois as well as Damien de Bastier.

She has practiced with many other wonderful Yogis from all around the world especially fantastic friends and teachers from the Loft. Eva feels blessed having a chance to get to know the world and yoga gives her the real powerful kick and energy to continue learning every day and to share it with all the lovely people who come to practice to the classes with her. She loves being a Teacher at the Brussels Yoga Loft.

Gemma Daou

Yoga has given me a sense of peace and freedom that I’ve never thought would be possible to experience.

Having practiced in my early years of study in Beirut, I were very surprised by the healing effects that yoga gave me.
War and heartbreaking situations in my country have left me many times wondering how would it be possible to relax, to feel optimistic again, to wish for a bright future for my friends, family and myself. How to keep believing that peace can come one day?

Keeping up with the practice, the meditation, the breathing, the postures has lead me to meet many teachers who have generously transmitted to me their wisdom, their strength, faith and love through the yoga method and philosophy.

Yoga has guided me to deepen my longing for peace everyday, in each moment and keep hoping for it for all the living beings.

Marta Chudzikiewicz

With 200h Teacher Training and 50h Vinyasa Teacher Training, Poland native Marta’s true loves lies in Vinyasa yoga. She also teaches MPS and FPS at the Yoga Loft. Recently Marta has gained further experience and skills in workshops on Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda yoga, Kerala, and Ashtanga Yoga. She practices regularly in Thailand with Kirsten and Mitchell and with Damien de Bastier. Marta thinks of yoga as a super special treat in which invokes strength, focus, calmness and happiness, on and off the mat. Yoga has taught her patience, devotion and faith, and importantly, fun! “As our Guruji said- practice, practice, practice and all is coming.”

Fiona Grignard

I started practising yoga for the workout, But I started loving it for its effects on me. Yoga helps me to connect with my heart, my feelings and my true self, far away from what my ego dictates, from what society expects, or from what my mind overthinks. It helps me find my personal balance without even forcing it.

When I’m in that special place, I naturally assess my actions and reactions, the importance that I give to the events in my life. And I can see it in my body: the more I practise and free my mind, the more I also free and liberate my body.

Félix Penzer

Movement always played a big role in my life. I studied Sports Sciences, became a Personal Trainer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt and I found that Yoga brings balance to my practice and to my life.

I’ve been told I am a quiet force and in my Vinyasa class you‘ll find a challenging yet peaceful flow that you can easily adapt to your own level.

Claire Deveux

I discovered yoga in 2015 while wandering around the world and the practice made me feel as if Home could be found wherever a mat could be unfold. To me, yoga is a strong remedy for melancholia, a usefull tool to welcome daily stress and a great complement to sportive disciplines such as running or climbing.

I aspire to share these discoveries in a kind, humble and sincere way with anyone who’s either simply curious, interested, or deeply passionate.

Brian Hilliard

At 18 years old Brian Hilliard received life-changing teachings from the great Tibetan master, Chőgyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He completed advanced training seminaries including Ngedon School, Nitartha Institute and Vajradhatu seminaries under qualified Tibetan masters. He did undergraduate studies at The Naropa Institute. After many years of training, Brian completed the traditional Tibetan three-year retreat. He has taught mindfulness in business, centers for well-being, and holiday retreats for over 35 years. Brian teaches beginning and advanced students meditation for everyday life and Tibetan yoga. He is Shastri (senior teacher) for Shambhala International. He was born in Connecticut and has lived in Europe since 2000. Brian Hilliard loves cooking, running, accordion, Italia, yoga and travel.

Marc Pouw

Marc Pouw is the co-owner of the Yoga Loft Brussels and is a member of the vast and renowned “Its Yoga Community”, which was founded by Larry Schultz. His wife introduced him to yoga as a challenge in 2006. He then trained with Larry from 2007 to 2011 and has gained immense experience in teaching Ashtanga. Above all, he is an “Experienced Yoga Alliance Certified” (ERYT) teacher with more than 10000 hours of teaching at the Brussels Yoga Loft and other studios around the world. He has also taught more than ten 200 hour Teacher Trainings, lead countless retreats, workshops, master classes in different types of yoga classes (Ashtanga, yin, acro, couples, kids and prenatal). Marc is an excellent yoga practitioner with more than ten years as an Ashtanga yogi. He is the proud co-founder and Yoga Teacher at the Brussels Yoga Loft.

Sophie Thompson

Yoga for Sophie is a balance between challenge and meditation. In her classes she focuses on bringing each body part into position from Asana to Asana and also to the steady rhythm of the breath. This allows her mind – and the mind of her students – the chance to spend an hour in the present. This hour of respite is a gift to the mind; it is always a good idea to give regularly and generously.
She started teaching yoga in 2017 after completing the 200 hour teacher training in Ashtanga at the Brussels Yoga Loft. Since then she has learned to appreciate a completely different side of yoga and no longer just practices for herself. As a teacher, she gives her practice to others. Her goal is to create an atmosphere of kindness and compassion, while providing enough of a challenge to keep the mind focused on the body and the breath.
She comes from the UK and her other passions include amateur theatre and being the mother of the most amazing little boy.

Marthy Locht

Yoga means a lot of things for me. Most of all yoga for me is my safe, quiet place which I turn to at the beginning of each day. It’s my me-time of peace and quiet, just me and my breath. It is a beautiful way to connect body and mind. Yoga keeps me balanced in life.When I feel angry, playfull arm balances will make me happy, when I feel stressed, heart openers will relax me. When I feel rushed the meditative primary series will calm my mind.

Yoga is what I do in the mornings, yoga is what I read about in my free time. Everything in your life starts changing when you commit to a regular practice. Not just your body, but your relationships, your life, what you eat, the choices you make, your priorities, your relationships. Yoga changes your life in ways you cannot even imagine in the beginning.

Maite Borremans

After several years of dance, Maïté discovered hatha yoga in 2010 with Yana Tomasovicova. The practice of this gentle yoga gave her a new vision of the approach of movement and the consciousness of the body. After 4 years, she decided to intensify her practice and discovered Ashtanga Yoga. Along the way, she had the opportunity to follow workshops with David Swenson and Manju Jois who allowed her to deepen her practice.During these years, Maïté has also tried other yoga styles in order to experiment and go further in her learning. After 7 years of practice, she decided to become a yoga teacher to share her experience and passion. She trained at the Brussels Yoga Loft with Marc Pouw. There she learned the teachings of Larry Schultz and his vision of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Since then, she continues to train as a student and as a teacher and she had the opportunity to follow various workshops with Geoff Brooks, Michaela Westermark as well as Meghan Currie.

Her classes are dynamic, varied and for all levels. She will pay close attention to adjustments to allow safe practice in the respect of the body.

Jeroen Janss

Jeroen followed the first teacher training with Marc and Barbara at the Brussels Yoga Loft in 2012 (RYT200). He then developed a “Gentle Flow” series, building on his mindfulness meditation practice where awareness of body and breath is central. Jeroen teaches mindfulness, compassion and yoga in Brussels. He believes the practices are most beneficial if they are made “normal” and accessible, helping people to integrate them in their lives, but also in their workplaces and in schools.

Through the not-for-profit “What We Share”, Jeroen seeks to bring people closer together and encourages people to self-organise moments to share silence and dialogue.

Jeroen is Dutch and lives with his Romanian wife and three boys in Brussels. Together they try to live with awareness and explore ways to live healthier and with appreciation for the wonders of nature. He is also excited to be one of the few male Yoga Teachers at the Brussels Yoga Loft.

Tanya Sengupta

Born in India, the land of Yoga, Tanya’s love for Yoga started since her childhood seeing her father getting energy and joy by practicing yoga. She did her TTC (100 hrs) from Patanjali Yogpeeth and pursued an Acupressure course from Jay Bhagwan Institute of Naturopathy. She is also a certified Yoga Instructor from the Quality Council of India, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India and believes it to be God’s gift that she has been imparting the benefits of this heavenly knowledge called Yoga and Acupressure. Being a member of Art of Living organization, for Tanya, good health is not a mere absence of physical and mental diseases, rather it is an expression of happiness, love and enthusiasm.

Shannon Van Staden

With over 15 years of practice in yoga and meditation, I am dedicated to a life of teaching and learning. This continuous cycle of learning and teaching in courses and retreats has given me a unique perspective on the necessity for mind/body practices for everyone. Physical and mental health are my top priority and I love to share this training to create more health and joy around the world.

Sinziana Carstocea

Sinziana first experienced yoga in 2008 and she accomplished the Teacher Training at the Brussels Yoga Loft in 2014. Since then she has also explored Yin Yoga as well as Acro Yoga, which she thinks complement and enhance her Ashtanga practice. She feels most at home in the vinyasa flow practice. Sinziana is committed to her journey with yoga and regularly takes part in courses with inspirational mentors and teachers. Every class provides her with an opportunity to learn and discover. From the richness of the practice, the human body to the wondrous ways of the mind. She believes that yoga invigorates, strengthens and liberates. Forever she is under the spell of the amazing healing and solace the practice brings.

Elisa Vireca

Elisa tried a yoga class in 2009 and never stopped since. She has tried different yoga styles over the years and loves them all. She’s teaching yoga since 2014.

Kiriko Kawakami

After moving several times around Africa and Europe and dedicating her life to her stressful work, she needed to re-center and find peace and clarity in her mind. Therefore, Kiriko decided to start practicing Yoga. Not only did it greatly improve her physical condition but most importantly, yoga helped her transform her way of thinking. It allowed her to face her innermost self. Kiriko is now a dedicated yoga practitioner. She loves to share her experiences and to continuously broaden her knowledge within the yoga community. She also particularly enjoys the experience of heat and shared energy during group practices. After completing a teacher training (RYT-200) in 2015, she started teaching classes. She loves to bring fun but also challenges in each of them.

Yvonne McGrory

Yvonne discovered yoga in Ireland. She tried several styles of yoga before completing the 200hr teacher training at the Brussels Yoga Loft in 2014. She teaches MPS, and a Gentle Flow class that is designed to relax the body and settle the mind to enhance balance and awareness. “In this hectic world, it’s important to slow down and reconnect with what we’re feeling. I love seeing the relaxed zen faces of the students at the end of class.” What drives her yoga journey? “It’s a never ending quest for deeper knowledge, understanding, and experience that I can bring to my classes both as a student as a teacher.”

Laura De Clerck

Laura got involved in classical dance and yoga from a very early age, when she was 3 years old while at the yoga hall of her grandmother. She comes from a big family, so bringing people together has always been in her blood. She has taught tango classes, dance, movement, juggling, circus work, and theater to children and young people all over the world and as part of her volunteer work in Guatemala and South America.

Laura became an Hatha Yoga teacher in 2017. She teaches in Thailand at Agama’s headquarters, as well as at its branch center in Colombia. She recently came back to Belgium and now teaches at the Brussels Yoga Loft. Laura loves to share knowledge that brings balance and truth to people’s lives. She is truly amazing at sharing tools that give each student the autonomy as well as the empowerment to improve their daily lives. She firmly believes that Yoga is for every one, no matter who you are.

For her Meditation classes she works on both on the mind and energetics (chakras). Everyone can find their own path and way” and she integrates astrology, bhakti, Tantra, the kriyas, the path of jnana, and more. It gives a very solid foundation to Meditation and to Yoga integrating all the levels of your consciousness.

Lindell Nuyttens

Lindell is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (200 hrs) and Yin Yoga Teacher (200 hrs). She discovered yoga in the eighties through her parents and uncle who practiced Hatha Yoga. Intrigued by the yoga books at home, she loved to try out the postures.

During her school years she took classical dance classes. She found herself always coming back to yoga as a tool to find space, freedom and peace of mind. After years of practice, including a disciplined home practice, Lindell enrolled in a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. She fell in love with the principles of Yin Yoga and completed a 200 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Since then, she keeps studying by practicing and training with teachers that inspire her.

Lindell is passionate about yoga and shares that through her teaching.”

Tanya Popova

Tanya is a conference interpreter by day and a yoga teacher by… late
afternoon and evening. Amongst her many roles, the intersection of motherhood and yoga absorbs most of her attention.

Tanya did half a teacher training in 2013 and completed The Brussels Yogaloft TT in 2014. At the end of it Tanya found out she was pregnant. Her yoga practice, teaching practice and parenting became tightly intertwined. She still remembers the time when the practice was simply ‘me-‘ time  and ‘self-inquiry-‘ time, but it has now turned also into a laboratory, where she experiments and prepares her classes.

Tanya has a strong asana practice and a budding meditation practice, she finds Yin yoga to be a wonderfully fitting middle ground between asana and meditation: stillness with physical feedback. She has been very fortunate to study with Joe Barnett and will continue with Sarah Powers and Jo Phee. She is also pursuing a pregnancy yoga teacher certification from TriYoga London.