45 Day Health Cleanse Yoga Detox

45 Day Health Detox Cleanse

Clean Eating is key to your overall health, to your ability to function, focus, concentrate, and also to perform and to live a happy and healthy loooong life!!

This is why we are so excited about the Brussels Yoga Loft Cleanse 45! – a 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox program that will guide you to optimal health and wellbeing – in just 45 days!! And most of all, for only EUR 45!!!

With the Brussels Yoga Loft Cleanse 45! we are launching our first guided nutrition and lifestyle challenge that includes a daily exercise program, breathing and meditation exercises and much more.

The 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox program will start on Monday 8 January 2018. Therefore, the sign-up deadline is Friday 5 January 2018.

In this 45-day transformation we take you by the hand to guide you through an amazing health journey. Whatever your goal—to boost energy, slim down, remove sugar from your diet, cook and eat cleaner for improved health—our expertly put together Cleanse 45! will lead you every step of the way with six energizing weeks of cooking, clean eating, movement, breathing, meditation as well as mindfulness.

Brussels Yoga Loft 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox 3
Brussels Yoga Loft 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox

What to Expect in the Cleanse 45!:

There are three parts to the Brussels Yoga Loft Cleanse 45!:

1: The healthy eating food, recipe and shopping list program

2: Highly reduced price for unlimited Yoga classes at the Brussels Yoga Loft for the duration of the 45 day Cleanse – only in combination with the Healthy Eating program

3: Extremely reduced price for yoga materials (mat, towel, bag and strap).

The Healthy Eating – Cleanse 45!:
We have designed the Healthy Eating Cleanse 45! to be a reboot for your system. Our goal is to offer a nourishing, whole foods-based meal plan which strips out processed foods, artificial flavors, and also gluten, dairy, sugar and finally alcohol. This will allow you to fully get in touch with how your body feels at its natural baseline. The plan is roughly 60% pure plant-based and moreover, the other recipes with meat or fish can easily be adapted.

Brussels Yoga Loft 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox 2
Brussels Yoga Loft 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox

What will you receive from us:

We aim to make this entire experience as easy as possible for you so we have already done all the thinking, planning and counting. Therefore all you need to do is follow the steps to a super healthy 45 Day Cleanse.

– You will also receive weekly messages from us at the Brussels Yoga Loft to educate, inspire and share health & cooking tips
– 6 weeks of customizable (and downloadable) meal plans + detailed week by week, day by day shopping lists
– A downloadable nutritionist-led action plan
– A downloadable food & health journal to track your success
– An e-cookbook filled with easy and quick to make, clean, balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snack recipes
– Weekly exercise guides for the home or gym including yoga & bodyweight exercises
– Guided practices to boost optimism, gratitude as well as overall mood

All of this is also exclusive to the Brussels Yoga Loft Cleanse 45! challenge and yours to keep after the challenge ends.

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Please note: Due to the volume and value of the downloadable materials available right from the start of the course, we cannot offer refunds once you have started your Brussels Yoga Loft 45 Cleanse. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to info@theyogaloft.be.

Brussels Yoga Loft 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox 1
Brussels Yoga Loft 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox

Brussels Yoga Loft 45 Cleanse Week-by-Week Action Plan for you to follow:

Our plan also includes information, tips, suggestions and ideas on the following subjects:

– Your Tools for Transformation
– Set Goals
– Remove What’s Not Working
– Identify Your Healthiest Body Weight
– What to Eat/What to Avoid

– Set Up Your Kitchen for Success
– Cut the Junk Out
– Learn to Read Food Labels
– Meditation 101
– The Importance of Gratitude & a bit on Psychology of Eating

– Build a Balanced Plate to Feel Satisfied & Energized
– Are You Eating the Right Amount (and Kind) of Protein?
– All About Healthy Portion Sizes
– Declutter your Home for a Healthier You
– Tips for Greener Living

– Master Clean Snacks & Superfoods
– Give Your Body a Clean Energy Boost

– How to Eat for Gut Health
– Stop Self-Sabotage
– A Primer on Food Sensitivities and Allergies
– How to Create Positive Habits that Stick
– Are You Drinking Enough Water?
– Natural Immunity Boosters

– Thrive No Matter What Life Throws at You
– Consume More Good Mood Foods
– Reduce Your Sugar Intake
– How to Handle Setbacks
– Life After the Challenge

How much is Brussels Yoga Loft 45 Cleanse?

The cost of the 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox challenge is:

EUR 45 (only 1 euro per day) for the Cleanse 45! healthy eating food, recipe and shopping list program

EUR 90 (only 2 euros per day) for unlimited Yoga classes at the Brussels Yoga Loft for the duration of the 45 day Cleanse – but only in combination with the Healthy Eating program

EUR 15 (instead of the regular  40 euro) for the yoga materials – but only in combination with the Healthy Eating program

The 45-day-health-cleanse-yoga-detox includes six weeks of detailed wellness information, customizable meal plans, more than 50 recipes, yoga workouts, weekly breathwork and guided meditations, a downloadable food tracker and journal.

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