Testimonials from Brussels Yoga loft students

These testimonials from Brussels Yoga Loft students show how important the studio has become over the years. The Brussels Yoga Loft was created to offer a serene and relaxed place of Community, gathering and togetherness for Brussels Yogis.

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Keira Coleman

I attended classes at the Brussels Yoga Loft several years ago when it was first starting out. At the time it was just a teeny tiny studio on the top floor or Marc and Barbaras house. Despite its size, it had the biggest heart and the warmest most welcoming people within it’s 4 small walls. I thought it was just perfect! and I’m absolutely certain that it still is. I look forward to the day I get to return.

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Charlotte Doherty

Love it here! The Teachers are so friendly and always feel amazing afternoon a lesson, Marta in particular is a great teacher and highly recommend her Vinyasa class on a Monday.

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Maciej Tomaszewski

I have been attending the classes at the Yoga Loft for over a year and I can really recommend this place. Great atmosphere and very committed instructors!

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Nina Schrank

I had my first yoga class at The Yoga Loft a few weeks ago and loved it! The instructor was so patient with me and offered alternatives if I couldn’t do the more advanced poses! I am looking forward to going back!

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Solvene Karen Renoult

I did my Yoga Teacher Training at the Brussels Yoga Loft; I really had a wonderful experience, learnt and improved my practice even further, while also meeting extraordinary people. Thanks again!

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Daniel Kloos

The Brussels Yoga Loft offers an incredible experience to anyone and everyone. The studio has a wonderful atmosphere to and the instructors and all kind and helpful. I plan on going to the loft whenever I can!