The Benefits Of Doing A Yoga Teacher Training At The Brussels Yoga Loft

Summary: This blog focuses on why do a yoga teacher training and why at Brussels Yoga Loft. 

It comes as no surprise that you, like many others wish to gain the wisdom of yoga. The enthralling spectrum of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga encourage many to step forward and enroll in yoga teacher training courses worldwide. 

A yoga teacher training program is one of the ideal routes to swim the depths of yoga science. Whether you wish to enhance your personal practice or to evolve into a recognized yoga teacher so that you can serve humanity, a yoga teacher training course serves each and every purpose to the best.

Why Yoga Teacher Training? 

  • Well-Crafted Curriculum: Yoga teacher training programs impart yogic wisdom through a curriculum containing important and diverse yogic and spiritual subjects. This helps you in attaining ingrained information. 
  • Yogic Environment: During yoga teacher training, you are accommodated in a peaceful ambiance, you are nourished with healthy meals, and you are offered a conducive atmosphere for yoga practices.  On the whole, you are encouraged to live and adopt a yogic lifestyle. 
  • Validation: Mostly, the yoga schools offering yoga teacher training programs are accredited with yoga governing organizations like Yoga Alliance. So, upon successful completion of the course, you get validation from the governing authority of being a yoga teacher. With this recognition, you can teach anywhere around the world. 
  • Develop Skillset: Along with authentic lessons, you develop a high skill set during yoga teacher training necessary for refined teaching. 
  • Excursions & Socializing: Individuals from across the globe enroll in yoga teacher training programs. This gives you an opportunity to become friends with people from different nationalities. Also, excursions and karma yoga projects are a part of yoga teacher training allowing you to explore the land and the self. 

The Benefits Of Doing A Yoga Teacher Training At The Brussels Yoga Loft: 

1. Yoga Alliance Accreditation: The school is accredited to prestigious Yoga Alliance and offers Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Completing a course with them helps you gain Yoga Alliance honor and approval of being a registered yoga teacher. The highest honor for a teacher is the validation from Yoga Alliance. 

2. Years of Experience in Conducting Yoga Teacher Training: Brussels Yoga Loft has nearly 10 years of experience in conducting yoga teacher training programs. Through the years, the school has refined their yoga teacher training programs thus providing the best to the students. Undergoing a yoga teacher training program in a school that has a knack for conducting yoga teacher training is a surety of a fulfilling journey.

3. Balanced Curriculum: The curriculum is the major highlight and attraction of the school. The school’s yoga teacher training curriculum is well-crafted with topics of yoga styles, breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, alignment, teaching methodology, practicum, and more. With traditional subjects and hands-on training to conduct yoga classes, you evolve into a yoga teacher of high stature and skills. 

4. Experienced Teaching Faculty: The studio has a teaching team with registered yoga teachers having more than 10 years of experience in taking yoga teacher training classes. The opportunity to train under them is highly recommended because their experience will add value to your training. 

5. Accessibility and Pragmatic Yoga Teachings: The school conducts yoga teacher training in weekends and evenings so that maximum people can benefit from the science of yoga. With weekend batches, professionals and homemakers can also live their dream of practicing yoga. The school believes in pragmatic yoga teachings so that you not only practice yoga on the mat instead you live yoga off the mat. 

Other benefits …

6. Serving the Society since Ages: Brussels Yoga Loft is one of the oldest yoga schools in Brussels. Since its inception, it has been serving humanity with the authentic teachings of yoga. To associate yourself with a yoga school with such a glorious yogic history and lineage is a feeling of pride.

7. Learning in Yogshala: Brussels Yoga Loft emphasizes quality over quantity. Therefore, it conducts yoga teacher training in small batches for personal attention, grants ease of accessibility and flexibility of timings so that more and more individuals can participate. Lastly, it encourages learning in an ashram-like environment. Brussels Yoga Loft is a yogashala, where living, eating, and practicing happens in a spiritually motivating atmosphere. This in strong contrast to many corporate yoga studios. 

8. Successful Alma Matter: 
When it comes to yoga teacher training, Brussels Yoga Loft is a household name. Due to its reputation, credibility, and years of experience, it is one of the favored yoga schools. The fact that more than 150 teachers have successfully graduated their program gives life to the above-said statements.

9. Affordability: Brussels Yoga Loft proves the assumption that quality things are expensive by its cheap pricing policy. The school offers yoga teacher training at competitive prices so that people can easily gain quality yoga education at affordable prices. Cost of the program is EUR 2750, which is highly affordable. The school also gives away early bird discount. 

Completing a yoga teacher training at Brussels Yoga Loft is a journey of in-depth learning, yogic lifestyle, and bliss. 

Author Bio : Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Yoga Teacher Training In India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. 


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