Brilliant new “GONG BATH” workshop at Brussels Yoga Loft


Gong Bath workshop including meditation and breath work: Saturday 17 March from 14.30 to 16.30 at the Brussels Yoga Loft

Experience meditation with the founder & teacher behind the meditation app THIRD EAR, Leo Cosendai.

The celebrated sound meditation & mindfulness teacher will lead you through a special 2-hour workshop working on your ability to perceive and use sound as well as breath as a tool for entertainment and self-care.

These 2 hours are dedicated to the exploration of your subconscious mind as well as the acceptation of your conscious mind. It is a very therapeutic and transformational experience.

The frequencies that Leo’s instruments emit enable the unfolding and creation of fresh neuro connections as well as stimulation of blood currents into the frontal lobe. During this process you are taken on a journey of the mind.

Working from the inside out, Leo’s practice also includes powerful breath work, which also helps to clear away contemporary obstacles like anxiety and insomnia.

The class will include: Gong bath + Breath work + Group Chanting. Suitable for beginners but challenging for everyone regardless of experience on the mat. Please bring water. It is also important to avoid eating before the workshop

Find out more and sign up here.

What others have said about Leo’s Gong Bath Concerts and Workshops

It turns out Leo has the voice of angel.” – VICE

London’s foremost Gong Master” – The Times

It felt like I was floating on air “ – Huffington Post

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