Massage at the Brussels Yoga Loft

Massages at the Brussels Yoga Loft

Massage isn’t an indulgence; it is an effective treatment for most physical and mental states. Emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression, can be reduced by this ancient hands-on method. Which can also improve circulation, boost the immune system, and relieve muscle tension. One-off treatments work for immediate pain relief, but regular sessions are vital for consistently soothing both the body & mind.

We offer three different kinds of massage:

  • Ayurveda
  • Therapeutic
  • Chi-Nei Tsang Abdominal massage 
  • Deep Tissue & Sports
  • Harmonising

Read more about the massages at the Brussels Yoga Loft below or book your massage below.


Ayurvedic massages borrow from the principles of Ayurveda to create a unique experience that focuses on relaxation, stress relief and releasing emotional blockages. The use of essential oils and focus on specific energy points in the body makes an Ayurvedic massage an invigorating experience. 

Therapeutic Massage

This specialised massage uses pressure and a range of techniques to soothe and stimulate the body’s soft tissue to diminish muscle tension improve lymphatic and rejuvenates circulatory function. Therapeutic massage ideally restores wellbeing and sympathetically compliments other health treatments. Through consultation, our trained staff will determine which techniques are applicable and advise on either a one-off remedy or regular schedule of sessions. 

Chi-Nei Tsang Abdominal massage 

Abdominal massage for the organs, or Chi-Nei-Tsang, is an ancient form of detoxifying and releasing the negative energy. Often the negative energy is stored in the body in physical blockages. This unique massage can help alleviate indigestion, constipation, bloating, insomnia, fatigue and poor skin as well as prime the essential organs of heart, lungs and kidneys for overall wellbeing.

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage focusses on muscle tissue, tendons and fascias to eradicate the everyday pains and strains which impact on daily mobility and flexibility. It is ideal for targeting muscle tension created from overexertion in the work and repetition during exercise. The specialist techniques applied in this form of deep tissue massage are also beneficial to long term injury issues and are ideal for restoring circulation in problem areas or breaking down scar tissue. 

Harmonising Massage

Supercharged by the use of warm organic oil and essential oils, Harmonising massage id ideal for anyone in need of a relaxing massage which brings a deep muscular and mental relief. The calming combination of mobilisation of limbs and joints, stretching and long unifying movements, encourages recovery. Through gently rebalancing your polarity, your mind & body reconnect and reach a deep state of relaxation. A regular program of harmonising massage can be a powerful tool to maintain wellbeing and enhance yoga practice.

The Benefits of Massage

No matter what massage you choose at the Brussels Yoga Loft you can be assured of the relaxing benefits that massage will bring.

Reduce Stress Massage Brussels Yoga Loft

Reduce Stress

Stress is a built-in safeguard, but high levels are not favourable for maintaining good health. When the balance is tipped stress can cause both physical and behavioural changes. Muscular tension, insomnia, high blood pressure and mood swings are some of the symptoms. Adding massage into a wellbeing routine can help prioritise your health by combating stress and restoring vitality.

Improve Posture Massage Brussels Yoga Loft

Improve Posture

Sitting or standing in one position for long periods is the biggest threat to good posture. This unequal demand on groups of muscles often builds tension in the back and neck areas. Internal organs, circulation and the respiratory system can also be affected. However, regular massage can address these issues to help relieve pressure points and loosen muscles, allowing the body to return to its natural healthy position.
Increase Circulation Massage Brussels Yoga Loft

Increase Circulation

Consistent blood and lymphatic flow are essential to maintain good health. Muscle tension and injury from excess exercise can cause a build-up of lactic acid. And stress can impact on the immune system. Massage techniques can help to reinvigorate blood flow around the body and target problematic areas. The squeezing and pulling motion of massage helps flood the body with oxygen-rich blood and improve lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins and improve overall health.

The price for 1 hour is EUR 60.  EUR 90 for 1,5 hour.

How to book?
Please use our online booking system below where you can select the time that suits you best.

Once booked there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel within that timeframe, your service will need to be paid in full.