Meditation Classes Return to the Brussels Yoga Loft

Community Meditation

After an absence of a couple of weeks Meditation classes are finally back in full force at the coolest yoga studio in Brussels and are now available on Wednesday mornings and Sunday evenings.

Starting on Sunday 11 February and then every Sunday from 17h15 until 18h15, this Sunday class is a Community Meditation Class open to everyone wishing to learn and practice meditation. We will have two amazing teachers lead these classes. You can continue to come to class each week independent of the teacher. Each class will be unique.

Two Sunday Teachers

Brian Hilliard is a wonderful, deeply authentic and inspiring teacher. He will be teaching on these Sundays:
February 18
March 4
April 8, 22 and 29
May 20 and 27

Laura De Clerck is an equally experienced, sensitive and inspiring teacher. She will also be teaching the weekday Wednesday morning series. Laura will be teaching the Sunday evening classes on these dates:
11 and 25 February
11, 18 and 25 March
1 and 15 April
6 and 13 May
3 June

You can pay for these classes using your usual Brussels Yoga Loft Class card. See more on our website.

Weekly Meditation Classes

Starting Wednesday 14 February 2018 and then every Wednesday morning from 8.00 until 9.00. The Wednesday Morning Meditation Classes are a series of 10 classes with Laura on 10 consecutive Wednesday mornings starting on 14 February. The last class of the series will be on 18 April. A new series will start the following week.

During these series you will learn:
– Comfortable and easy meditative asanas, their story as well as how they work as postures to improve the concentration of the mind. Which aspects of life they resonate with.

– Music meditation, how to practice with a specific music for each chakra and which state of mind it is related to. We will practice specific postures aiming to facilitate some states of mind like compassion, centering and also  grounding.

– Way to go deeper into a state of “dharana” (concentration of the mind).

– How to incorporate an asana based on the root chakra calming down the mind and taming gently the monkey mind achieving a meditation state

– “Prana Uchara” which is a breathing and energy movement awareness based technic. It is working specifically on the heart and the crown, ideally performed in vajrasana. This technic is universal because it works for the three different human typology : kinesthetic, visual and auditory types of people. – It also develops the energy awareness and connects true love and pure consciousness.

– A mantra meditation, based on the power of sounds, the meaning of “AUM”.

Weekly Meditation Series

This series of morning meditation is a process and relates to several aspects of yoga: asana practise, energy awareness, concentration of the mind, calmness of the mind, contentement, self-love as well as will-power leading to higher states of consciousness. “Dhyana” or meditation state is a very high achievement and the purpose is to find your way to trick the mind to. Practising meditation has incredible known and proven benefits on the body, mind as well as the soul.

You can pay for these classes using your usual Brussels Yoga Loft Class card.

We hope to see many of you in these new and amazing meditation classes.

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