Pricing for Yoga Classes

Pricing Yoga Classes

We aim to keep the Pricing Yoga Classes at the Brussels Yoga Loft as low, as simple and also as fair as possible allowing you to attend any class no matter its length or level for the same price. Most importantly, you do not need to register for our classes and you can walk in anytime to enjoy a great yoga class.

A regular and consistent practice of 2 to 3 yoga classes per week is key to growth and development of your practice as well as to create a sustainable habit that you will carry with you and benefit from for the rest of your life. We offer flexible pricing, various class cards as well as different membership options.

You can walk in anytime to attend a class or to become a member. We do not ask for contractual agreements or fixed term contracts. We would love to help you find the best pricing option for you, based on your schedule as well as your goals for your practice or your health.

Our rates are:

  • Drop-in class: EUR 15
  • 5-class card: EUR 60
  • 10-class card: EUR 100


  • Pre- and Post Natal classes are EUR 70 (5 class card) and EUR 120 (10 class card).
  • Kids classes are EUR 60 for a 5-class card and EUR 100 for a 10-class card
  • Unlimited classes for 1 month: EUR 119
  • Unlimited classes for 3 months: EUR 319

All class cards are also valid for 6 months.

The drop-in rates are to allow new students to discover the studio, our classes and our wonderful teachers. Since our prices are already the lowest for practising Yoga in Brussels we do not offer further discounts or reductions.

Pricing Yoga Classes – Private & Corporate

  • Private classes start at EUR 65 per hour. Reductions will be given with purchase of a 5 or 10 class card and the price per person is lower if more students participate.
  • Corporate classes start at EUR 90 per hour. Please send an email to to make arrangements and inquire about the possibilities, availabilitites and conditions.

You can also rent the studio for private classes or events. Click here to see options as well as conditions.

Pricing yoga classes for yoga in brussels