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Summary: Stress is something that should not be carried for long, and work stress is something you need a break from. With the amazing practice of the holistic art of Yoga and Meditation you can learn to deal with the pressures at work. Read to know how? Anyone who has worked in a 9-5 job is well-acquainted of work-pressure. Work-related stress, pressure to meet the deadlines and also job burn-out are among the leading causes of
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Summary: The blog intends to make you understand how practicing Yoga for just 2-3 times a week improves your health. Yoga – the science of health, spirituality, and wisdom is among the most admired practices in the world. The discipline originated in the Indian subcontinent more than 50 centuries ago. The way it has spread throughout the globe and accepted by people from different countries is quite amazing. This also reflects the vast importance of
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Summary: This blog focuses on why do a yoga teacher training and why at Brussels Yoga Loft.  It comes as no surprise that you, like many others wish to gain the wisdom of yoga. The enthralling spectrum of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga encourage many to step forward and enroll in yoga teacher training courses worldwide.  A yoga teacher training program is one of the ideal routes to swim the depths of yoga science.
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Outdoor Yoga THE DOS AND DON’TS AND THE WHAT IF? TIPS FOR PRACTICING YOGA IN OPEN AIR By Sinziana San. You might have heard about taking yoga off the mat, but how about taking your yoga mat outside for some outdoor yoga in the park? Summer is here and opportunities to practice under the blue sky are plenty. Maybe you’ve already followed a yoga class in the park, on the beach, or even on a
More Motivation After entering the world of yoga and getting used to incorporating more practice in my daily routine, I’m starting to notice some more changes in my life. Nothing big, but still noticeable for myself. I’ve been feeling a bit more motivated and energized lately and I’m not quite as stressed about everything. I think that the regular yoga practice and meditation has helped put my more important tasks on focus. Basically, my mind