A regular practice of Yoga Improves Health

Summary: The blog intends to make you understand how practicing Yoga for just 2-3 times a week improves your health.

Yoga – the science of health, spirituality, and wisdom is among the most admired practices in the world. The discipline originated in the Indian subcontinent more than 50 centuries ago. The way it has spread throughout the globe and accepted by people from different countries is quite amazing. This also reflects the vast importance of Yoga. Rishis and Saints from India and Nepal have shown that looking into your inner being is the best way to improve as an individual. Yoga’s original meaning, union of the mind, body, and soul, helps one concentrate on the ultimate goals of life while bettering health and wellness. Yoga improves your health!!

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a master in Bakasana or just a beginner fascinated about yoga. You can begin the journey of Yoga at any point of time. In this generation of economic prosperity, time management is quite a challenge. A number of people complain of not getting enough time for Yoga practice. The biggest solution for this issue lies in the fact that the ancient science can be practiced anytime and there is no proper time-frame for the practice. Even if you are able to give two, three or four days in a week, that’s okay. Let’s understand how Yoga helps you better your fitness by practicing just for 2-3 times a week

Yoga is a peace-sponsoring exercise

Since Yoga is an integral part of Indian dharmas such as Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., mental peace is at the forefront of its philosophies. Gautama Buddha is known as the ambassador of spiritual peace in the mind and soul of a person. The calmness generated by Yoga is of extreme essence in shaping up the mental and psychological health of a person. A number of Yoga practitioners have revealed that practicing Yoga on weekends has benefitted them immensely. Amidst all the time management problems, the beauty of Yoga is that you can enjoy it and benefit from it almost anywhere, at any place and time. You can meditate during work hours, on the office chair quite easily. Just close your eyes and remember Shiva to let all tiring forces get out of the mind. This way, you can enjoy huge mental relaxation all through your life.

Yoga boosts blood circulation

Human Circulatory system is one of the most prominent organ systems in the human body. The practice of Yoga impacts the function of this system in a whole positive way. Although almost all Yoga exercises are helpful in boosting the circulation of blood, Trikonasana, Virabhadrasana, Viparita Karani, etc. are some of the finest blood circulators.

When the body makes a movement, the blood comes into action and starts displacing from one place to another. This makes sure the body gets refreshed all the time. Since Yoga can be tiring at times, one can practice this on alternate days.

Pranayama is yet another way to enhance blood flow in the body. In fact, the breathing exercise is the best method not only for blood circulation but also for its purification. Through constant breathing, your body warms up and detoxifies the red liquid. Another way in which yoga improves your overall health and wellbeing.

Yoga improves muscles strength

The body muscles are among the biggest beneficiaries of Yoga asanas. A Yoga practitioner enjoys an awesome muscles-toning massage during the performance of various poses. When you practice Bakasana, you strengthen the arms, along with thighs in a great way. The asana is also beneficial for the balance of the body. If you are looking to burn the unwanted fats present in the abdominal region, Phalakasana and Chaturanga Dandasana can be the best exercises. Holding the body weight on your palms strengthens the muscles of the pelvis region and abdomen. You can also obtain a strong pair of thighs with the regular practice of Navasana or Boat Pose. Give Yoga at least 25-30 minutes every alternate day (or any day you want) and get a lean, muscular body and see how yoga improves your health.

Yoga keeps you away from diseases

A number of physicians and health experts across the globe advocate the practice of Yoga for curing multiple diseases. The Vedic era science is often the solution for almost all kinds of disorders. Since the science aims at prevention, one should embrace the delight of Yoga in daily life. Making Yoga a part of one’s personal life is the best way to keep doctors away from life. A regular yoga practice will keep diseases such as Asthma, diabetes, sleeplessness, etc away. It is better to give more time to Yoga on weekends to enjoy a healthy life if you are unable to do practice on the weekdays. Just make sure you feel the relaxing power of this India-born science.

Yoga is essential to well being and it improves your health!

Author Bio: Bipin Baloni is a passionate yogi, yoga teacher and traveler of India. He is currently working with Rishikul Yogshala. The Yoga Alliance affiliated school organizes a number of yoga events, such as yoga teacher training in Indiayoga teacher training in Nepal, yoga workshops, retreats, pranayama training, Ayurveda courses in Kerala and more.

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