My yoga journey – Introduction


The International Yoga Day is celebrated in Brussels with great pomp, and the local people have embraced its benefits. As an Indian living in Brussels, I have been casually asked if I practice yoga, or know more about it.  . Truth be told, it’s been a little awkward for me. Why, you ask? Because I am not a yoga student and I definitely cannot recommend a good place where my friends and colleagues can learn the art when I’m asked to. But mostly, it got me thinking…am I missing out on something that my culture is serving the world?

And so, I resolved this new year that it was going to be different from now. I will learn yoga!

This blog is going to be about how I grow and develop as a yoga student.

For some time now, I have been searching for studios which are good for students new to yoga. I know that there are lots of studios that offer classes for beginners. But what I am really interested in is enjoying the classes enough to want to come back to them again and again!

So, how did the first one go?

I chose a Sunday morning class at the Brussels Yoga Loft. My instructor for the class was Sinziana. The class was a drop-in class. Now, since this was the first time I was learning vinyasa flow, I didn’t have a yoga mat. The one that I brought for the class was an exercise mat! Yes, there is a difference! And yes again, I was a bit embarrassed. Thankfully, Sinziana patiently explained the difference to me and even offered me a mat for all my classes.

The class was about learning Vinyasa Flow Yoga. There was a series of poses that I was doing for the first time. The poses tend to flow from one another. For example, after doing warrior pose I, you immediately move to warrior pose II and then to III. It is a nice way to combine a bit of workout with yoga and get the benefits of both. The pose that I found interesting is the Warrior III pose. Well, it did get my inner warrior flying! I was balancing on one leg, while stretching out the other leg and my hands stretched out in front of me.  This pose is about strengthening the legs, outer hips and upper back.

Since I was doing it for the first time, I was wobbling a lot. Yet, it felt good to be doing it, to be stretching myself …as if beyond my comfort level. Sinziana’s guidance gave me confidence. She was patient, her instructions were crystal clear and most importantly, she got me looking forward to what was to come…

I am excited about the attending the classes in the future!

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