My yoga journey – passing on the inspiration

I never thought that learning yoga could be so much fun!  I started going to the classes at Brussels Yoga Loft some time ago. Since then, I have been looking forward to enjoying the yoga classes. This started as a personal challenge for me. I am happy that I gave myself this challenge. At a personal level, I have been benefiting from the classes in a number of ways. I am more relaxed. On days that I have classes, I sleep better at night.  Now, I wanted to inspire a friend to come to the classes.

Inspiring  a friend to try the yoga classes

The classes had been a very positive experience for me. I wanted my friends to have the same positive experience too. Yasmin gladly accepted the invite. For some time she had been yoga classes in Brussels. She had been going to vinyasa flow classes in her home country. During our trip we discussed various things related to yoga, her past experience and her expectations from the class. For her, it was about challenging herself, try to improve and feel relaxed at the same point of time. For me, the special thing about yoga classes is the fact that it is a way for us to treat our body and mind. The classes always end with us thanking our mind and our body to successfully help us through the ups, downs and stresses of our day to day activities.

A great experience

Overall, her feedback was that she liked the experience. The classes are easy to follow. Each level can be adapted according to each one’s level of practice.  The place has good energy and you really feel welcomed. At the end of the class we were left with a good feeling. I agree with her. This is the reason why I come to the classes regularly.

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