My yoga journey-Trying Out Music Meditation

For the past couple of weeks I had limited myself to vinyasa flow yoga classes. I have always found that listening to help me relax. Therefore, I was interested in trying of music meditation. I decided to take a Sunday music meditation class. Walking into the mediation room, the first thing that struck me was the way in which it was set up. The room was dimly lit with the seating arrangement in a beautiful circle. In the center there were candles and incense. Overall, the whole room had a strong sense of positive energy. It felt good.

Since it was my first class, I did catch my mind wandering off and thinking about other things once in a while. However, these distracting thoughts were not there to stay for long. The music helped me regain my focus.

The experience

Meditation is about focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind of all negative thoughts and worries. While meditation, in my minds eye, I was imagining myself in a very beautiful place. There was very soft grass under my foot and I was walking bare foot on it. I could hear the water flowing in the distance. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue. A place that had rolling hills  myself  It was like discovering a new side to your self and your personality.

Loving yourself

The whole exercise was about loving yourself. There are times when we forget to love ourselves. Meditation is a great way  to pause. and take a short break. There is need for self love.

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