Entering the World of Yoga: No More Excuses


I am Taylor, the summer intern for the Brussels Yoga Loft group. I am currently doing my internship from Portugal while I work as an au-pair and while I am here I will write about my experience as I enter the world of yoga and meditation for healing purposes. When I was younger I took yoga classes as part of my physical education requirement in high school. I enjoyed it a lot but when it was no longer part of my class schedule I forgot about it. I tried to go every now and then with my mum but I was young and uncommitted. When I finally decided to start again, I got a concussion and used that as an excuse to be lazy. When I started my studies in Brussels and I decided it was time for a game change, no more excuses! It was time to get back to a routine. This internship started at the beginning of June and I decided that was the perfect opportunity for a challenge.

Why Yoga?

Since I was a child, I have faced issues with migraines, acne, dietary issues, stress, and well life in general! I know I’m not the only one who deals with these issues. They are quite annoying and it is frustrating to visit the doctors all the time, only to be prescribed new medication that never works. I decided, after many hours spent researching yoga, I should try it again. The internet tells me its this “magic cure” and the internet knows all, right? I am generally a skeptical person but I will try everything once.


After some research and thought I decided to create my own personal yoga challenge. My goal is to practice every day and in order to prepare for this I attended some classes at The Brussels Yoga Loft and did some research on different poses and asanas. I attended the Vinyasa Flow class and the Couples Yoga class a few days before I left for Portugal. I also spoke with Marc, an instructor and owner at The Brussels Yoga Loft, about my goals and ideas for the challenge and he gave me some tips and suggestions.
The challenge is to practice yoga every day, even if is only for a short period of time while also adding 15 minutes of meditation to my daily routine. This seems simple but I know myself and it is hard for me to focus on myself and give myself time to “breathe” so I have created a little schedule for myself to follow.

Daily Routine

Morning: After waking up
-Practice Yoga
-Proceed with day
Evening: Before going to bed
-Practice Yoga
-Go to bed
I decided to set my day like this because I felt it was the best way to ensure I gave myself time for yoga and meditation. I also assumed this would give me room incase I didn’t have time to practice in one of these slots.

Progress Report

It has been one week since the challenge started. It has not been the easiest because I have been running all over the place getting ready for my trip to Portugal and dealing with some personal stuff. However, I have managed to throw in some random yoga practice here and there. In the last week I have probably practiced yoga 3 times on my own and meditation every day. I decided to meditate in the evenings because I have more peace and time. As for yoga, I need to push myself a bit harder because I have been noticing a bit of relief from my migraines. On Monday evening I felt a sharp pain in my head so I knew a migraine was coming. I did Down Dog, Childs Pose, and Meditation in a dark room. This did surprisingly relieve some of the pressure! Of course, it didn’t completely vanish but it did become much more bearable. I am looking forward to seeing how practicing can help in other ways as I continue this journey.

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