Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training at the Brussels Yoga Loft

We LOVE training Yoga teachers!

Just as much as we love help you grow and strengthen your Yoga practice.

We want Yoga to be availabe to everyone and we make our teacher training affordable and convienent.

All our Yoga Teacher Training Programmes are Yoga Alliance Certified and involve highly experienced Yoga Teacher Trainers & Practitioners.

Find out more about our different Yoga teacher training programmes;

200 Hour Ashtanga Teacher Training

100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Yeacher Teacher Training

200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training

What others have said about our Teacher Trainings

The main take aways for me from the 200 Hour Training are:
Gratitude: I am so thankful for the space of acceptance that allowed me/us to grow and transform.
A new perspective: Some of us were teachers in other areas of life. I practiced yoga, but I certainly didn’t have the confidence to step in front of an class.
So the training leaves me with a big step forward and a new path to walk 😉
Delphine d’Hoop – TT 2016

Even though I’ve practiced yoga for 1 year and a half (on and off), it was only after the regular practice during the training that I realized how much yoga can change perception and attitude. My open/tolerant approach and calm reactions in different situations were first noticed by my family. Afterwards I also became aware of them myself. This is one of the changes that yoga brought to me. In terms of training, it gave me a glimpse of various fields (meditation, yoga as a lifestyle, ayurveda, anatomy, so many different teaching styles, etc.). I am amazed how little I know and how much there is out there that I can still discover. I also became more aware that a situation/thing/person cannot be perceived from one point of view only, and I stopped thinking that the way I see things is good, better or enough. It is not and I accept other’s point of view without imposing mine.

Alexandra Cucolas – TT 2016


One of the most valuable aspects of the training for me was the practical approach. The classes we observed and did in the studio were amazing and allowed me to see the classes “live”. Seeing and feeling different teaching approaches in the classes, instructions that are given to the student, going through asanas together and understanding them in detail.

Anatomy classes giving us bigger picture of the yoga practice, seeing the lessons in the studio and giving real lessons to the students with the feedback.

It is a great training in English available in Brussels. While you can start teaching yoga after the course if you are ready, it also gives you invaluable life experience how to step out of your comfort zone and learn about yourself and your body and mind.
Veronika Hulka – TT of 2017

The combination of the physical aspects of doing yoga and diving into literature such as the bhagavad gitta and the sutras made a big impression on me. Of a practical nature, it was useful that I was able to easily combine the training with work and life and that the studio is very central and not too far from my office.
Caroline Berger – TT 2017

This training gave me the thirst to keep learning more about yoga. I feel confident teaching an great yoga class. I’ve grown in so many different areas. I feel more mindful during my daily life, more balanced. I’m very proud to be a yoga ambassador and to have the privilege to make new people discover yoga.
Fanny Koutny – TT 2017